Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't You Hate It When They Say That...

Today's blog is inspired by my daughter, Jenn's, recent Facebook mini-rant. It's about words, non-words, and their use and/or misuse. Here are some of my pet peeves regarding the use of certain words and phrases. I hope I don't offend anyone but if I do, rage back at me via Comments. I'm sure I've used a lot of words incorrectly so much that they've become normal to me, but my kids are sure to point them out. Here goes:

- by way of. As in 'We went by way of bus'. Just say 'we went by bus'.

- As of now. What's with the need for extra words. Just say 'now'. "We need it now", not "We need it as of now".

- As of yet. Even worse. Again with the extra words. "We don't need it as of yet" is more properly stated "We don't need it yet". Some people must think that if you use more words it sounds more important. Sports announcers are the worse for this type of misuse.

- We're pregnant. Excuse me? Last I heard, only the woman gets pregnant. You might share the blame/joy, but there's still only one pregnant person in the room. It would be more appropriate to say "We're expecting".

- Utilize. Nothing wrong with the word until it's used unnecessarily. "I'm going to utilize my spoon to eat my soup". How about just saying "I'm going to use my spoon to eat my soup."

- Whatever. This is one that I'm guilty of. It's a cop-out, a non-answer. How many questions can appropriately be answered with "whatever".

- PMS-ing. I hate this when used by a man to refer to any woman's bad mood. It's so sexist and just plain wrong.

- At the end of the day. Referring to the final outcome. How many of us have not used this phrase. It's lifespan is over now. It's way overused and just plain annoying now.

- kiddies. I've always disliked this word - it sounds so patronizing. Kids are kids, not kiddies. I suppose some may say that kids are baby goats and children should be called children. I like kids though.

Those are just the ones that come to mind right now. What are some of your 'word peeves'?