Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zoo Park Day

This is how my day started - with three great kids bouncing on my bed.

Elly wanted to keep me company while I dried my hair so I put her in the sink - one of her favorite places to play. And yes, she did turn the water on and get a bit damp.

I don't even mind sharing my toothbrush with her. She did a pretty good job polishing her 10 little teeth.

We wasted no time getting to the zoo - arriving half an hour after opening. The ducks are always a favorite stop. Max let this little fellow eat the pellets right off of his hand. He also enjoyed wearing the Arizona Cardinals hat that Papa left behind in the van.

Posing with the camels - me, Elly, Charlie and Max

We went to a buffet for lunch - great fun. As we were leaving, people at two different tables remarked about how well behaved the children were and one woman said that she had been captivated by the baby's sweet smiles. It's always so nice to hear compliments about your children and/or grandchildren.

When we got home we all got ready to go swimming - Elly and Charlie in their matching zebra bathing suits.

Max blew some big bubbles for everyone's entertainment.

After swimming, Elly cozied up with a bottle and Mickey.

Charlie worked on her scrapbook.

And here it is. I gave her some pictures and she got her construction paper and made a scrapbook, glued pictures and colored paper embellishments in, and created a beautiful first-time scrapbook.

Then, when we were upstairs watching our before-bed video, the doorbell rang. There stood Cath and Clyde with bags of oranges from their tree, and grapefruit from their friend. Charlie had mentioned how much she liked them when we were here in January, so they brought some over for her We cut a dozen of them into quarters and sat eating them while we watched our video. They were sooooo good, much appreciated. We're all looking forward to having more for breakfast.

What a great day!