Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

Since I don't have any pictures to post tonight I thought I'd copy Kath from Haf Doz'n Reasons and just post random thoughts.

  • I've been missing Charlie, Max and Elly today. They arrived safely home last night. Charlie called me today around noon and asked me what I was having for lunch. I told her we were probably going to McDonalds (we were out and about all morning). She said they'd go to McDonalds too and could I call her when we get there and tell her what I was having. She's been identifying closely with me lately - she'd knock on my bedroom door while she was here and ask what color shirt I was going to wear that day so she could do the same. One night she asked me if I was wearing short sleeves or long sleeves to bed! So sweet.
  • My friend Mickey arrived tonight. She'll be here for a week for a much needed round of R&R. We plan to go to Scrapbooking Etc. in Mesa tomorrow or Friday. And we'll rest by the pool and maybe go on an easy hike (as long as there are no snakes!) over the next week. We've been told that its much too cold for the snakes to be out. It was 76F today (about 24C).
  • Emily cooked us another wonderful meal tonight - that girl has a way with food! She and Allan are enjoying themselves exploring the Phoenix area on their own.
  • Lloyd and I think of Tania often and feel so bad for her. Losing her son has been such a devastating blow for her. Thankfully two of her other Aunties are there to offer comfort and help.
  • Although we have a television here in Surprise, we haven't turned it on since we've been here. We've watched a few movies via dvd on the projector/screen we've set up in the loft.
  • In the evenings there's always at least two of us in the loft sitting with our laptops, working on blogs or emails or whatever. Tonight it's Mickey and me.
  • Estate sales are fun.
  • WalMarts are the same in the US as they are in Canada, except you can get different 'stuff'. For example, we wanted Gravol for Elly before she flew home. They had never heard of it at the WalMart pharmacy. They had dramamine but only for kids 2 and over, and Elly is only 13 months. And (you won't believe this!) they had never heard of Robaxisol or Robaxiset for back pain. Poor Lloyd had to get something we had never heard of.
  • I don't play golf and Lloyd doesn't scrapbook. I will, however, pose for pictures with a club in my hand, beside a golf cart. And once a year or so I'll play a round of 'best ball' with Lloyd and another couple (Allan and Emily this week), but my ball seldom gets used. It's fun being out for 4 hrs with Lloyd though. Do you think he'll ever spend an evening scrapbooking with me???
  • I love Arizona.