Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike

Our second son, Michael Bruce MacKenzie, was born on March 20, 1978 in Prince George, BC.

This sweet boy was destined to be sandwiched between three older sisters and three younger sisters, with his only brother leading the pack as the oldest sibling. He turned out all right anyway! He's been the most laid-back of all of our kids, with a (sometimes frustrating) what-me-worry approach to life.

He had climbed up on the table after breakfast and got into the
chocolate milk powder in this now classic family picture.

Early on he became a fan of Superman and was never without a
Superman T-shirt, even as an adult. Isn't he just the cutest little boy!!

He was a cub scout with his cousins

He liked 'hanging out' at the local playground, showing off his amazing physique!

In high school he was part of a singing group called the MT Vibes. He became locally famous for his rendition of Elvis Presley's "Teddy Bear", complete with the signature "thank you, thank you very much". He still keeps in touch with most of the boys from that group.

He was the most handsome young man in his graduating class, and I say that without prejudice!

Then when he was 20 went to the Philippines for two years as a missionary. He has lots of great (funny) stories of that time. It was there that this most picky of eaters learned to broaden his horizons and learned to like rice and fish and even ate the 'delicacy' Balut (fertilized eggs).

I should have his wedding picture here but I can't find it right now. Instead we'll jump forward to this past Christmas.

He's now a settled 31-year old married man (to Avril) and father of two sweet little boys, Kenny and Alex (who they call Lex, I'm sure as a tribute to Superman). He's just completing his internship in local government and in May will be starting his career as Assistant Town Administrator in the small town of Picture Butte in Southern Alberta.

Mike has always been a great kid, easy to get along with and loved by all because of his good natured ways. His dad and I are very proud of him. Happy Birthday Moike!