Friday, February 13, 2009

Elmo Love

Max is recovering from his recent tonscillectomy/adenoidectomy and Elly is working on getting her molars so both were having an up-and-down day yesterday. At one point in the early afternoon we were all in the living room where the winter sun was shining in with a surprising amount of force, creating lovely areas of warmth and shade. I took advantage of the natural light and photographed the two of them. I love this picture of Elly with her hair full of static electricity.

A couple of years ago on her 3rd birthday, Charlie went to the Build-A-Bear store and made a lovely soft Elmo. He has a sound chip in his arm that, when pressed, makes him say "Elmo needs a hug" and after the hug is given "Aaahh. Elmo loves you". In these days of hard-bodied dolls that do everything except work for a living, it's nice that they have this soft cuddly toy from their mother's era to play with...especially when they're not feeling their best. These pictures represent the most pleasant, fun part of our day.