Friday, March 6, 2009

Cacti, playgrounds, friends and White Tank Mountain

We went to White Tank Mountain today. Mickey had been wanting to go since we first arrived. It was the last place she wanted to go when we were here in January, but since we didn't see any snakes and/or scorpions then, it became her favorite place down here.

We drove to the end of the trails and found a lovely awning covered playground for the kids. They had a great time there and Elly even learned the art of positioning herself to go down the slide safely all by herself.

And there she goes. Max and Charlie liked the twin slides.

Charlie took this picture of me and Mickey as we watched them play.

Mickey took this picture of a bird (cactus wren??) on top of a saguaro cactus. She took lots of cacti pictures but this is the only one I'm using here.

And, as usual, it was in the pool for us when we got home in the middle of the afternoon. We don't even get out to answer the phone. Aren't cordless phones a wonderful invention!!!

So now it's our last night alone with the kids. I'm kind of sad about that - we've had such a good time with them and they've been so good. Sara and Quincey will be home tomorrow afternoon. Then I have to turn the reins over to their parents. On the positive side, it'll free Mickey and me up for a few days to do things we couldn't do with the go to Paradise Cafe for lunch, visit Scrapbooks, Etc. in Mesa, check out JoAnnes, and the mall, etc. etc. And the kids will still be here to go swimming and play with.