Monday, March 2, 2009

Rob's Day

Our first day in Arizona was spent mostly in the pool - but more about that later. Today is the 37th anniversary of the day Lloyd and I became parents! But we call it Rob's 37th birthday.

Rob, 6 months old, with his namesake, his grandfather, Robert McCarthy

Our very first baby, Robert Logan MacKenzie was born on March 2, 1972, barely missing being a leap year baby - his due date was February 21 but he began the trend followed by all of our subsequent babies by being over a week overdue. He started big, at 8'8" and 21.5 inches long. I missed his delivery because he was in distress because of being posterior presentation (face down instead of face up) and I was put out for the forceps delivery. I guess it made him sleepy too because when he was finally brought tome and Lloyd after I woke up, he opened his eyes, looked at us, and yawned. We named him after my father, Robert, and Mum's maiden name, Logan.

Rob at 2 years

It's hard being the first child - just ask him. He was my experiment - having no previous child to practice on, everything I did with him was a test of will it work or won't it. I'm just glad he survived my fledgling attempts at motherhood.

Back-yard hockey - age 4

He used to torment the sisters and brother that followed, and one time when my mother asked him why he tormented his sisters so much, he thought for a minute and said "it's my job". He's been a good brother to the six younger siblings though.

Atari - remember them? age 9

19-years old

He's now a 37 year old happily married father of a son and a daughter. He has a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and has been working in his chosen field since before he graduated.

Metallurgical Engineer at work

Rob, Cindy, Brooklyn and Anson MacKenzie - 2007

He's always been a very loving boy who grew into a handsome loving husband and father. A man a mother can be proud of - and I am. Happy birthday Rob.


JQ said...

He was your MALE experiment. I was the female experiment.

Mary said...

What a cutie.

sara said...

good looking boy

Mike said...

The sailor suit! I hated that thing when it was my turn to wear it.

Debbie Y. said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Love your pictoral/editorials on your kids birthdays.

Check out the sidebar on my blog for the Neocounter. It tells me how many hits (people) have viewed my blog and from how many different countries. The only bad thing is that it adds a hit everytime you view your own blog (GUILTY!!! LOL).

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Great birthday posting for Rob!! These are always fun to read!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the 2 year old reminds me of Anson.