Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Days

Charlie and her Barbie with matching swim suits

Our little lemon tree is in full bloom and the gorgeous scent fills the back yard. It's incredible.

We've had two full days in Arizona now and they've been very busy ones. Yesterday afternoon we spent three hours in the pool - it was so heavenly - but we forgot about the sun. I have a bit of a sunburn but the fun was worth it. The kids were slathered in sun block so they escaped unscathed. The kids love the pool and now that they know that they're not going to sink with their life jackets on, they're insatiable swimmers. Even Elly fights to get into the pool.

Elly was so cute parading around the rim of the pool (followed closely by an adult, with another one following her progress in the pool). I call this picture Bumblebee Butt. She has a regular Pamper on and it got very waterlogged in the pool. As a result she looked like she has lots of 'junk in the trunk'.

She looks like she's on her own here, but rest assured that there are three adults within arms reach. She loves the pool.

Our water baby - sitting in her baby floatie.

Sara went to Las Vegas today to meet Quincey for the trade show so Mickey and I had the kids to ourselves. It went very well - no tears, no missing Mummy (yet) and, best of all, no fighting. We kept them busy and active so they had no problem going to bed. Charlie and Max didn't even stay up talking in their beds after their bedtime story. Hopefully the rest of the week will be as smooth.

We were up early this morning and in the pool by 8:15 for an hour. Then Mickey, Max, Elly and I went for a walk for an hour while Sara and Charlie did some last minute errands. We've been very tired ever since but we managed to revive enough to have another swim with the kids before supper. And then a nice quiet evening watching Bearenstain Bears videos until bedtime.


Debbie Y. said...

Ellie looks just like a little lovely flower. How warm is it in Arizona that you get to go swimming? I'll be right over. LOL

JQ said...

How can you stand those Berenstein videos? SOOO slow and preachy...

Mary said...

Who doesn't love the Berenstein Bears? Classic!

sara said...

That was a fun day. More fun than I'm having here! Can't wait to come back!

JQ said...

Classic Berensteins are awesome. Modern Berensteins are insufferable.