Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home Day

We spent the day at home today - a nice peaceful day with just a few exciting moments. Cath and Clyde came over to visit. They have a house in Sun City and have been living between here and High Level, AB for several years. It's nice to have family close when we come down here too. It was such fun visiting with them. The last time we saw them was at Mackenzie's funeral (her grandson) in early January. Today was a happy visit. She brought her swim suit with her but decided not to go swimming 'until Clyde has his suit too'. So hopefully we'll see them again before we go home next week. Clyde is so funny - keeps us in stitches...and Cath eggs him on. He's a good man - came and pruned our fruit trees. Charlie got very upset when he started pulling the beautiful blossoms off of our lemon tree so we had to explain to her that the tree is young and has to spend all its energy growing strong. He did leave a few of the most beautiful blossoms there though.

We had an 'incident' right after C&C left. We told the kids that we could go swimming now and to go get their bathing suits on. I went to get mine and found the door to my bedroom locked. So I went to the kids room, which adjoins mine, and that door into my room was locked too. When questioned Max said that he did it 'for a trick'. Well the trick was on him because I had to tell him that we couldn't go swimming because there needed to be two adults in the pool to watch the three kids and since I couldn't get to my bathing suit, nobody could go swimming. He was very upset about that. I didn't have the heart to scold him because he was feeling punished enough. It took me nearly an hour to break into my bedroom. I still don't have the doorknob back on the door. But when I finally was able to get in, I got ready to go swimming and everyone was happy again.

We've developed a nice evening routine now that everyone's happy with. We wind down after dinner by watching one of the kids' videos - Charlie and Max take turns choosing which one. By the time the video is over, usually 8:00, they go brush their teeth, I read them a story, and they go to bed calmly and peacefully and fall asleep without spending any time playing or talking to one another. I guess all the fresh air and sunshine is tiring them out. Then Mickey and I get our laptops out and spend a couple hours catching up on email, blogging, etc. Ironically we're usually too tired to do any scrapbooking during our quiet evenings.

Tomorrow morning we're going to the Wilderness Park. The kids love it there, feeding the ducks and checking out the penguins and giraffes and all the other critters. I hope it's not too hot.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...tricksters occassionally encounter those tricks that boomerang like that. Must have been a painful lesson. Glad you let the consequences serve as the scolding.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

I'm sure not going swimming was a huge punishment!

I would love to be able to smell the lemon blossoms!!! I cant even imagine what that would be like!!

Glad the babysitting is going well for you!

sara said...

take me with you!

Aleta said...

Love the bee and bloom picture! Lovely.

And too funny about the trick being on him - bet THAT won't happen again. Lol.