Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day in Canada - not the huge production that they have in the US, but thanksgiving nonetheless. So much turkey, potatoes, squash, peas, corn, and of course the cranberries, gravy, stuffing - topped off with pies. I'm so glad that Emily has taken over my pie duty. She makes lovely pies and tries different ones from the traditional apple, blueberry, strawberry/rhubarb, lemon meringue, coconut cream and pumpkin pies that I used to make.

Amy and Curtis hosted the dinner, which everyone contributed to. Curtis did a wonderful job with the turkey - it was moist and delicious, with plenty of stuffing. I made the gravy and brought mashed potatoes and squash. Sara brought sugar snap peas, corn and fresh rolls. Cindy brought a delicious fruit punch and a vegetable platter. And of course, there were Emily's yummy pies. We all ended up stuffed to the gills.

The Kids Table (clockwise from lower left - Max, Sydney, Brooklyn, Charlie, Kenzie, Anson)

We fed 10 adults (4 of our children and their spouses - the 3 out-of-town families had their own celebration) and 6 children and two babies.

After dinner Kenzie wanted the little girls to watch a movie in Grammie and Papa's apartment, so the four of them, ages 3 - 5, came downstairs and I put the movie Hoodwinked (a Red Riding Hood exposee - very funny) on for them. By the time I got around to taking pictures, Charlie had to leave, so I just got pictures of Kenzie, Sydney and Brooklyn. A blurry picture at that since I took the picture in the dark without a tripod.

Kenzie, Sydney and Brooklyn

And now Lloyd and I are waiting until we feel ready for our favorite Thanksgiving/Christmas tradition - turkey bunwiches before bed. Soooo good.


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Emily said...

why is everyone trying to make you learn chinese today? cute pictures, even though you captured me looking like a bit of a cow. Syd doesn't look like she's enjoying to movie as much as the other girls!

Mary said...

who're your friends mum?

I like Amy's new paint job, what color is that?

Aleta said...

I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your Thanksgiving Day went. I think it was a lovely dinner from the pictures and much like what we do here in the States.

sara said...

it's really great in real life too, mare. (amy's paint)
everytime I'm in there I think, hmmmm...where can i use this colour in my house..

Debbie Y. said...

Tell me what kind of pies she made and what the kind of stuffing/dressing you made. I always like to hear about food and different recipes even if I can't eat those things anymore.