Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30 - Her Favorite Toy

His nephew gave this animated golf lamp to Lloyd for Christmas - press a button and the golfer swings, hits the ball which goes in the hole, and the crowd cheers. Sydney has loved it since she first saw it and every time she comes over she wants to play with it. She knows I'm taking her picture here so she's looking kind of self aware wondering if she's doing something wrong. Cute.

I'm feeling better today - It's still cold (has warmed up to -28) but I'm mobile - both vehicles are running. What a difference it makes to know that I can go out if I want.


Mickey said...

I know how you feel. I hadn't left the house for 2 days because it was so cold. We went out to get groceries today and it was great. We come from No Ont originally though so we should be used to these temps! Very nice not HAVING to go to work though!
Need to get out to a crop don't we?;

Kimberly said...

How completely DARLING! That lamp is a hoot too! Gotta love it!

Amy said...

She looks like she's afraid you're going to tell her not to touch the ball.

Lloyd said...

Liked this post so much that I stole it for my golf blog.