Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1 - Paradise in a Winter City

What do you do when it's -25, cold and snowy in Edmonton? This afternoon Sara, Emily and I took Charlie, Max and Eloise to the Muttart Conservatory for a photoshoot. The Muttart is a 4-pyramid grouping of ecosystems, featuring a show pyramid where they feature different floral shows through the year, a desert landscape featuring cacti and succulents, a temperate zone and a tropical zone. The trees and plants are beautifully arranged, growing from season to season in a climate controlled greenhouse pyramid -a beautiful place to visit at any season, but particularly comforting during a record cold spell like we've been having. These two pictures are a few of the ones that actually turned out. I was switching between my two lenses and didn't alter my settings so a lot (most of them) are blurry and out of focus. I need to practice a lot more. Fortunately the professionals (Sara and Emily) had their studio camera and I'm sure they got some lovely pictures. The top one is one of the pyramids from the outside. The bottom is me on a bridge in the tropical zone holding Eloise, with Max's little head in the lower corner.


Anonymous said...

Remind me to show you how to do a white balance so your snow doesn't look blue.
Sorry your pictures turned out blurry! :-(

Kimberly said...

Well...these two shots look great! xo sweet. There is a lot to learn no doubt...I learn with every shoot, something new. :)))
Love ya,

Mickey said...

What a great place to spend a cold day! My favorite!
Great to get lessons from a professional! You'll have to show me.