Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13 - Princess Play

There was no picture for yesterday. I was too sick to even turn my computer on. Am somewhat better today though.

Kenzie came down for awhile this evening. I had just bought some Disney princess paper dolls so she had fun playing with them and dressing them up. She loves the princesses.

When her mother, Amy, was little she used to love going through catalogues and cutting out the models to people her families, furniture, appliances, toys, walls, etc. She had quite a collection of catalogue cutouts. I had quite a collection of paper dolls too when I was young, movie star ones mostly. It's nice to know some things never change.

It's Amy's 33rd birthday tomorrow - our Valentine baby.


Lois aka katesmum said...

oh wow...I still remember the fun of 'cut outs'!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day friend!!
Lv Mickey