Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cuddling With Layla

Layla is visiting for a few days. After her bath tonight we put Shrek on and cuddled down to watch. Her dad snapped pictures of us.

Layla's quite a chatterbox, constantly asking "why" so, instead of falling asleep during the movie, she kept up a constant flow of chatter and questions. We ended up watching all of Shrek and some of Shrek 2 and she still didn't fall asleep. At that point I turned her over to her dad to do the honors.


Anonymous said...

Cute photo Pat! Such a sweetie isn't she?
Lv M.

RAE said...

Love the look her face LOL!

Kimberly said...

LOL...that is exactly like my Olivia...always on...I turn her over and start to tickler her back and out she goes in seconds sometimes...LOVE this sweet shot of the two of you!
Love YOU!