Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's On Your Fridge?

I used to like putting the kids' artwork on my fridge and kind of missed it after they grew up. Now I'm back in the loop again with my grandkids...and some stuff of my own that I just like seeing there.

The top right-hand corner holds three magnetic backed pictures of Lloyd, Emily, Sara and me taken 8 years ago at Niagara Falls, and one of Me, my sister and mother taken 5 years ago. They've been on my fridge for years. Other stuff there includes a postcard from Oliver, BC, a personalized white board with Charlie's picture and drawing of me on it, a notice of the scrapbooking retreat in Jasper that I'm going to in April, magnetized Tupperware measuring spoons, a scarecrow Kenzie made in school, and on the bottom half, Kenzie and Layla's 'art' creations they worked on while I was scrapbooking this week.

Fun stuff, showcasing a life surrounded with love. Good stuff.

So, what's on your fridge?


Kimberly said...

AWESOME! I love fridges that are loaded with eye candy from kids creations! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Photos, art work, I love you notes from Wynne, & frig magnets from special places!\Lv M.

Anonymous said...

You must be desprate for picture if took one of your fridge! Jonah Says

Anonymous said...

You're missing the point of this blog, Jo! ;-)
-Auntie Sara