Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NOT a Good Welcome Home

Lloyd and I live in a lovely basement suite Amy and Curtis built for us in their new-to-them house. For the most part it's working out really well for all concerned.

And then today I can home from work and my feet squelched on the carpet...not a pleasant feeling. Turns out, all the melting snow, more snow, and rain today decided to come in through a pipe under the carpet in our large front closet. The more Amy and I walked on the carpet, the wetter it got. The water ran under the carpet along the wall of the alcove where most of my scrapbook stuff was stored (nothing is ruined because it was in cases on casters and the big shelving unit is protected by a couple inches of wood at the floor level), and along the wall in the living-room, clear to the far wall of the house.

Curtis came home from work, having cancelled the last two hours worth of chiropractic patients and managed to unplug the drain and get the water flowing out. Then we had to move all of my sb stuff off the carpet. I lost track of how many times I heard him say "you have too much scrapbook stuff".

Lloyd is on his way home from High Level as planned and will be here in a couple of hours. I called to let him know what to expect when he got here. He's getting us a motel room - I didn't think we'd have to, but I've put my sb stuff in the spare bedroom, the main bedroom, and the kitchen (see picture). We'll probably be working on this all weekend, and I'm supposed to be at a weekend National Scrapbooking Day crop from Friday to Sunday. Guess I won't know if I can make it until tomorrow.

And this is my life today.


Mickey said...

Oh no! Keep in touch re weekend!
Maybe work on a booklet or two and use my tools?

RAE said...

Glad none of your scrap stuff was damaged! Hope it all gets repaired quickly and you can get back into your place.

Kimberly said...

Ohhhhh NO!!!!!
I had to giggle about the "Too Much scrapbooking stuff" I LOVE it! hehhe
I hope it is all OK now! xoxo
Love ya,