Monday, April 28, 2008


I love using ribbons as embellishments on my scrapbook pages. I got a bit carried away though with stocking up. Organizing them became a problem - taking them to crops even more of a problem. Then my dear friend Mickey showed me the coolest ribbon organizer ever. The vinyl sides of this bag are full of holes through which ends of multiple ribbons are threaded for easy access. I have over 100 spools of ribbon (minus the spool) stuffed into this handy-dandy little case, each one with the end sticking out. Now I can see and choose the ribbon I want to use easily and carry them to crops with me. The picture may be a little out of focus but it sure is colorful!


Anonymous said...

Looking so pretty! I see you did what I didn't do and started at the bottom! Smart move. I think it is an awesome thing. Yours is gorgeous. It holds tons!

Erica said...

Love this and want one, but I'm being picky and want a brown one. Love how it's organized by colour.

Kimberly said...

LOVE this organizer!!! I think I need about 20 of those for all my ribbon! LOL!