Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thirty-Seventh Anniversary

When Lloyd and I unwrapped our Christmas present from Sara and Quincey we found a pair of lobster plates, a set of lobster crackers and forks, and a butter warmer. Sara then told us that the gift also comes with a lobster dinner flown in from the east at a date of our choosing. We chose to have the dinner delivered to us on our 37th anniversary on March 27. On March 26 Sara created a bit of a stir at my office by arriving, 3 children in tow, with a large box freshly arrived from the east coast, containing a cooler in which two live lobsters resided, along with packages of fresh clam chowder, corn on the cob, shrimp cocktail, a lemon, a stick of butter, and a cheesecake. The kids (and my co-workers) were excited to see the live lobster so I had to unpack the box so everyone could see.
All this happened about an hour after we were notified that our offer on the house in Arizona had been accepted and we'd have to leave for AZ that day. So I cooked this delicious anniversary dinner for lunch the day before our actual anniversary. No matter - it was an amazing meal and fueled us up for the long drive facing us. Thank you Sara and Quincey. Oh, I forgot to mention, the meal deal also included a pot to cook the lobster in!


RAE said...

What an amazing gift! That is definitely one to remember! How orginal. Such fun photos you captured too!

Brenna said...

A great and yummy gift, love the pics too. You don't look too impressed holding on to those suckers though, lol

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos of a great occasion. Can wait to see you scrap them!
Home!Lv M.

Kimberly said...

LOVE this gift! What a great unique gift idea! Happy Anniversary too! xoxo
Love ya,