Friday, May 30, 2008

Mum's Birthday

I just got home this afternoon from Winnipeg where we celebrated Mum's 87th birthday. She can't remember having a birthday party before (she's had many!) so was very excited to actually be receiving gifts. I guess that's a small blessing of having Alzheimer's. Everything is a 'first', new and exciting. After her dinner (prepared by the best cook in the family, my sister Wendy) and the cake and gifts, she and my brother-in-law played cribbage while my sister, niece and I played Settlers. A nice little birthday party.


Sara said...

ha! Grammie and Aunt Wendy are both doing "the face" in that picture, but you're not! I'm so proud of you! It took 30 some odd years of us telling you not to, but you've finally got it!
Looks like Grammie had a fun time, and she's looking good. Glad you were able to go.

Mickey said...

So nice to see your Mom enjoying her first birthday! That is just so cute. I can still remember her saying that she'd never had meatloaf when I made it last year!
And yes Pat do you ever have a gorgeous smile! I noticed that too!

RAE said...

What a wonderful memory! By not remembering previous b-days this certainly must have made this one so very special for her!

Cyndi said...

Beautiful family photos!