Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Smiles

This is my youngest grandchild - 2-month old Alexander Lloyd MacKenzie - my second son's second son. We don't see him and his big brother, 2-year old Kenny, and parents very often because they live 3 hours south of us, but they're here for the week while Mike attends a business course. And, of course, they're here for the big reunion party on Saturday. They came by the house last night just as my Princess House party was wrapping up, and stayed to visit. I'll get to see a lot of this happy little smiler and his family this week.


RAE said...

Love Princess House stuff...I've been buying their stuff for 15 yrs now.

Love that cute little face and those big eyes!

Cyndi said...

Cutie! Enjoy your visit :D

What is Prince House stuff?

Anonymous said...

I join the chorus of "what's Princess House stuff."