Saturday, June 7, 2008

We had the most awesome, fun family reunion today, with a belated birthday party for me. The whole family was here (first picture), with the exception of Brooklyn and her mom, Cindy. Brooklyn is doing much better and is home from the hospital but she didn't feel up to spending the day in the park with us. I'm sure we'll be able to photoshop their pictures into the picture. There's a space for them beside the rest of their family, Rob and Anson. It was great having the three out-of-town families come so we could all catch up on family news and give the cousins a chance to play together again. Sara and Amy did a great job of organizing the food, games, and prizes. Sara had a wonderful cake made for me. It was scrapbook themed and looked beautiful. I hated to cut it, but I did and it was delicious. I've got over 200 pictures to scrapbook now. It was a wonderful, happy event. Sara also had t-shirts made for all of us with the MacKenzie motto and crest on it. The group picture was taken before the shirts were distributed though.

We didn't even get rained on, in spite of it having rained earlier in the day...a great drama, no injuries, nothing but fun.


Mickey said...

Must feel so good to have a photo of your whole family together Pat! I got one too last week! Means so much! You are a handsome looking family!

Jo said...

My gosh Pat, you are truly blessed!!! I hope you will post some of those scrapped photos in the potp gallery, i would love to see the tshirts and family all scrapped! Love love love that cake!!!