Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Whitey is not your typical cuddly, sleek, shiny cat. He's roamed the neighbourhood and, by the looks of him, at different times has had run-ins with some of the big bunnies around here, or another cat, or a bird, or something. He tolerates the kids petting him, as long as they don't pull his fur. He begs for food and always seems to want another can of the smelly stuff as soon as he finishes devouring his first one. He has patches of fur that are matted, some thin spots on his head and behind his ears. He could use a good trip to the vet for a grooming, but that's easier said than done. The kids love him though and so does Sara. He's a cat so I automatically have a soft spot for him and sometimes sneak him that extra can of food when he begs so pathetically for it.


sara said...

i knew it

Emily said...

I like Whitey, he's so cool