Monday, August 18, 2008

BC Branch of the Family

Although we lived in BC (Prince George) for six or seven years throughout the past 35 or so years, and four of our children were born there, none of us has been back to live there since 1995. Ten months ago Mary and Greg moved away from the Alberta center of our family and settled in Oliver, BC, the wine capital of Canada. I find there's a real psychological factor to having one of our children's family on the 'wrong' side of the mountains - makes them seem farther away than they really are. That's what makes visiting them special.

On my last day there, last Thursday evening, we went out looking for nice locations for their first family picture since Baron joined the family. This is what we ended up with.


Emily said...

Those photos are gorgeous!

sara said...

really nice, mum

Brenna said...

Those are beautiful photos Pat