Thursday, August 21, 2008

Visiting With Great-Grammie

Mum arrived today and Kenzie and Sydney were eager to come and see her. They've been talking about her visit for awhile now. Mum was glad to see them and enjoyed their visit. She'll be seeing a lot of them in the next 2 weeks. Both little girls are flower girls in Emily's wedding on Saturday - it'll be so cute...but that's another blog entry for next week.

Mum is 87 and has Alzheimers so quickly forgets the names of my children and grandchildren. We'll be reminding her of names quite often over the next couple weeks. I'm glad she enjoys the kids though, and they're quite fascinated with her advanced age...and the fact that she can take her teeth out at will.


Mary said...

That's a very nice shot of your mom

Brenna said...

Very nice photo, so glad she's there to visit with you and enjoy Emily's wedding. Hope all goes well for the big day...tell Emily I say congrats!

Mickey said...

Boy your Mom sure does look good & healthy Pat! Such a shame of the A.
so exciting for her to be there for the wedding. See you Saturday!