Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome Little Bear

I've been in Oliver, BC since Tuesday, August 5, when this precious little guy was born. He was kind to us all and was a planned c-section so I was able to be here right from the start. His parents, Mary and Greg, have named him Baron Kesey Bourne but I call him Little Bear. He was 7 lb 5 oz at birth and 21 ins. long and has a full head of the silkiest hair I've ever felt. He's a really beautiful baby and as his grandmother, I'm completely unbiased. He and his Mom came home from the hospital today. Big sister Layla is very excited to have him home, and he's been introduced to big Chester, his bull mastiff 'brother' and he seems totally unconcerned with the new person. Undoubtedly there'll be more pictures of Little Bear in the coming days and weeks.


Mickey said...

Welcome little bear! What a perfect little sweet baby he is!
So nice to see all the photos though thanks to Emily I had seen one adorable one of him a few days ago!

Anonymous said...

Glad to finally hear about Baron. We've been wondering how things were going.
In that first picture, he looks like Greg!

Anonymous said...

My daughters sure do a lot of work bringing these beautiful babies into the world. Mary looks tired.