Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Puttering

We've been buying a few things for the house today - no major purchases - just little things. It'll get totally furnished eventually. Here are a couple of pictures of what parts of the house look like right now.

This is our kitchen/dining area. There's a huge island as well as lots of cupboard space. The glass door on the right opens to the pool. The room you can barely see on the left is the living room and dining room.

This is taken from the kitchen island - it'll be the family room. The window on the left looks out onto the deck and pool. The door on the right leads to a 2-piece bathroom, a closet, and the garage.

This is the back of the house and the pool. It's the law here in Arizona that a pool must be enclosed by a childproof fence. I'm standing up in this picture so you can see the division between shallow and deep. It gets deep rather quickly from where I am - one more step and I'm up to my eyeballs in water. We look forward every day to our time in the pool. It's late afternoon when this picture is taken and at this time of year, it's mostly in the shade. During the heat of the day though, it's still in the sun...fun swimming in sun or shade here.

That's all for tonight. I'll post more pictures of the interior of the house later.


Brenna said...

Looks great Pat!!

Aleta said...

Ohh - LOVE the kitchen set up! I used to have a house that had an island in the kitchen. It's great when preparing for parties and such. Looks lovely!

Mickey said...

Looking very cozy already! You'll never want to come home!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful place. How lucky you are to have a winter oasis to escape to. Enjoy!

Debbie Y. said...

Please 'splain how you can have a house this nice in AZ and live in Canada. Will you please adopt me, I'm whining pretty hard from all the way over here in Alabama.

Emily said...

nice place, can I live there?