Saturday, September 20, 2008

One More Pool Picture

This is my second posting today so it'll be short. It'll also be the last pool picture I post.

Lloyd has rediscovered his boyhood love of swimming under water and wanted me to take a picture of him doing it. I must say he does it with more finesse than I do the Grammy Stroke.

I love the way the water distorts the images.

Good form for an old boy, hey!

He likes this one the best because the water swoops his hair back (what's left of it) and makes his head look like it's covered in hair. He's cute anyway, balding or not.


sara said...

there's nothing wrong with a balding head.

Mary said...

You guys are really rubbing it in! We're supposed to go swimming at the neighbour's pool this afternoon but it's sure not going to be 39 degrees :(

Aleta said...

Oh! How cool that you took the picture. Now I want to go swimming at my parents' home and do the same thing. Love the pictures!

JQ said...

You've got to get an underwater shot -- with the camera underwater, I mean. You can't tell in these that he's swimming underwater with no goggles and HIS EYES WIDE OPEN. I went underwater once and opened my eyes to look at him with his eyes open and it was really --- weird.