Friday, September 26, 2008

Remember This Name...

Mark MacKenzie.

On our last night in Arizona we got together with our nephew Mark to celebrate his birthday with some extended family down there. Mark lives here in Alberta but has been working with some music producers in AZ, one of whom produces for Lyle Lovett, on his first professional CD. Mark has a beautiful voice and writes a lot of his own songs so we're all hoping that when this CD comes out, he'll get lots of air time and begin a successful music career. We're all cheering for him.

After dinner at a local restaurant we all went back to someone's home where Mark performed some of the songs from his CD for us. Good sounds and lots of fun.

And now we're home, missing Arizona already.


Aleta said...

Your posts are making me want to take a visit in Arizona. It sounds lovely.

I'll keep an eye out for Mark MacKenzie's name on a CD! Good luck to him!

mickey said...

Welcome home Pat and all the best to your nephew!

JQ said...

Where can I get a Mark MacKenzie CD?