Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brooklyn's Birthday

Although Brooklyn's 5th birthday was earlier in the month, Lloyd and I went to their place tonight to celebrate with her with a birthday dinner. She was excited to have us there - she's such a sweetheart.

Don't you just love watching little kids open their presents! So much excitement and happiness.
Brooklyn doesn't hesitate to show her appreciation - it's a pleasure to give to her.

She made short work of the wrapping paper.

and loved the Disney crawling baby princess..."it's just what I wanted"... and we were glad that it behaved the way it was meant to - crawling to Brooklyn, laughing and cooing. When we were kids it was enough that our new dolls had 'rooted saran hair and eyes that opened and closed.

She loved her new baby doll. We had good visit with our firstborn and his family, as usual.


sara said...

remember my doll that you could pull a string and she's "say" a few things? that was pretty high tech back then.

Mickey said...

Touching photos Pat!

Debbie Y. said...

I had a Chatty Cathy doll, my two older brothers would snatch her away from me and pull her string and make fun of what she said. They used to torment me, nowadays it's the other way around. Muuaahhhaaa!

Brooklyn's red dress is so pretty and she looks so content with her dolly after finally tearing up jack to get to it. Funny pics.

Mike said...

All of this talk of dolls and your firstborn reminds me of the ruthless dictator, the Pooh Bear King. Angry, angry little bear.