Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Again

I got back from the weekend scrapbook retreat at Pigeon Lake a few hours ago. It was every bit as fun as I had expected. The weather was beautiful, bright and sunny with no sign of snow - very rare for this time of year. We arrived on Thursday night and stayed up past midnight laughing and visiting and doing some scrapbooking.

At supper time on Saturday Mickey got a phone call from her husband saying that their daughter-in-law was in the hospital in labor, so she and her daughter Andrea (who was also at the crop) drove back to Edmonton so Mickey could be present when the baby was born. Andrea was back at Pigeon Lake in a couple of hours but Mickey stayed away all night and was back at our retreat working away before Emily and I got up and made our way to the cropping room. Mickey's new 8 lb. grandson, Charlie, was born safely and all are doing well.

Emily and me at our work table.

Two sets of mother/daughters - Emily and Me, Mickey and Andrea.

The birthday girls - Kim (store owner and organizer of the retreat, in pink), Laura Lee, and Amber all had birthdays in the past couple days (it was actually Kim's birthday) so one of the scrapbookers had this cake made for them.

And Santa paid us a visit, handing out treats to everyone. He and I were very well color coordinated.

Some of Emily's wedding layouts. She's doing a lovely job with them.

My main project was a small album for grandson Anson. This will be a Christmas present for him. His mom says he loves looking at pictures of himself so I gathered up a bunch I had and put them together in this album.

It was a great weekend. We've already booked our room at the Inn for the one next October.


sara said...

looks like lots of fun, and congratulations to Mickey on grandson Charlie - although the name is cuter on a girl :-)

Mary said...

How'd Em manage to get away this close to Xmas? Must have connections in high places.

Mickey said...

Thanks Sara. Charlie is his Dad's middle name but they kept his name a secret til he was born & it really was a surprise! Now Pat and I will get confused! I am still so excited over his early surprise birth! I adore babies!

sara said...

8lbs and he was early?? Wow! good thing he didn't go full term!

Pat MacK said...

Mickey and I both have a James and a Charlie now.

JQ said...

Is Mickey's James a girl? Congrats Mickey. It's great to have these spry grannies who can jump up and run when they're needed. Can't wait to see Em's wedding album. Bring it to Christmas with you, Em.

Brenna said...

Great photos Pat, looks like a great weekend.

Emtron said...

good idea Jen, I'll do that. doubt I'll have much to show though since I don't see myself having a lot of free time before Christmas.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

The photo book for Anson is really cute. Looks like you had lots of fun!!! Makes me wish I was a scrapbooker but tho I have tried the bug just didnt bite me like it did my daughter! But I do admire creativity and all the cutsie materials to do it with!!!