Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Crafters

I knew I had to have some kind of activity for the kids today - Charlie didn't have to go to school (holidays) so I figured she'd get restless in the early afternoon, and that wouldn't bode well for Max and me. So, I loaded up one of my scrapbooking carry cases with my Christmas papers, stickers, ribbons, buttons, card blanks, etc. and headed over there.

Here they are making cards. Max had fun plastering stickers on - the inside of his card was more elaborate than the front of it - a Christmas card for his Mom.

Charlie really got involved and ended up making five cards - one for Mom, Dad, Cousin Kenzie, Cousin Sydney, and Santa. She loved the stickers too and once I convinced her not to just plaster the card with random stickers, she did a really good job of choosing her stickers for the theme of her card. She wants me to take my scrapbooking stuff back tomorrow but I told her I'd think of a different activity for us to do.


Brenna said...

Great cards!!!

Mickey said...

What a wonderful Grammie! Charlie's cards are awesome!

sara said...

Max regifted the card he gave me. He took it back and gave it to his Dad.