Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas - A Look Back

It's a bit early for this, but I'm posting our Christmas picture (from 2006) anyway. I've been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit and into the mood for shopping. That's all a thing of the past now. By noon today I had finished my Christmas shopping and was playing Christmas music and getting into cooking. I mailed off the last of my Christmas cards and parcels and now I'm free to enjoy the next 10 days leading up to Christmas. So, here's a Merry Christmas in the form of our 2006 Christmas card, beautifully photographed and designed by our middle child, Sara, at her photography studio/photo gift shop (First Impressions Portraits/Photo Gift World).

I've been planning for a while to do a post with pictures of me and my sweetie so here's us from this year down to 1969.

2008 - At Emily's wedding

Winter 2001

1999 - Niagara Falls

1991 - Looking good!

1971 - about a month after we were married.

January 1971 - a couple months before we were married.

1969 - Just a couple of kids - 19 and 20 yrs. old.

A lot has happened since this picture was taken 39 years ago. It's been a great ride. We're looking forward to getting old together now.


sara said...

As much as I'd love to accept credit for the lovely photo, it was in fact taken by Emily in my studio.
I'm sorry you haven't been enjoying Christmas..I was just thinking today that I am, and will be sad when it's over. I'm glad you've gotten into the spirit!
(ps - you're in big trouble for shipping that stuff without including the things I had too!)

Anonymous said...

Great blog Pat! Loved the passage of time in photos!

JQ said...

I like the one with the freaked-out looking fresh RM.

Mary said...

Layla said she likes Sara's dress, and that her hair is smooth. Why is she with Kenny's daddy?

Emtron said...

I designed the card too, geez, can't get any credit around here :P Glad you finally got into Christmas...I'm still struggling

JQ said...

Maybe something like, oh, changing the Halloween themed blog entry into a Christmas one would help Em feel Christmasy.

Mike said...

Kenny's daddy hasn't had hair like that since he was 16, Layla.

Mary said...

I guess she remembers ; )

Pat MacK said...

It's nice to see our handsome looks being passed down to you kids.