Friday, January 16, 2009

Mickey's First Day

Mickey's full day with us started with Emily and Allan cooking breakfast for us. Doesn't Em look cute in the new apron she bought yesterday???

Allan looks remarkably like my brother Ken in this picture.

Our first priority, planned for months, was to go to Scrapbooks Etc in Mesa. We had heard so much about this huge scrapbook store, and we weren't disappointed. I won't say how much we spent there but we're having our pictures printed at WalMart and will pick them up tomorrow morning and start scrapping!!!!

After a hot morning of shopping we got home to 76F temperature and 80F water temperature and dove right in. It is such a lovely way to spend the afternoon. We soaked up the sun on the deck and I ended up with a sunburned neck, but I'm not complaining!

Sheer bliss!!

Mickey and I relaxing on the 'secret bench'.

Then when Lloyd and Allan got home from the electronics store, we went out to On The Border for Mexican food. This is what Mickey got - the appetizer sampler. The food was delicious. I ended up bringing half of my fajita home for lunch tomorrow.

This huge cactus was standing in front of the restaurant. Mickey couldn't believe it was real! So of course we had to take pictures of it for our scrapbooks.

And now we're resting before heading off to bed. Tomorrow will be another busy day...


sara said...

now aren't you glad me and the kids aren't there mucking up your plans? :-p

Anonymous said...

You sure know how to stay busy and have fun!!!!

Yes I do understand Seth positions that he plays in basketball. its my favorite sport to watch. Pick, post ,or point guard. I like it that this coach is having them play different positions so they get more experience. The coach he had the past two years he was only a "post" so now you can see why he is so excited about it.

Kath said...

Anon is me! Ooops!