Monday, April 27, 2009

Wasp Invasion

We arrived in Surprise, AZ last night, the day after Sara and her family arrived. They played in the pool for awhile on Saturday but were driven inside by wasps.

We had noticed one or two stray ones floating in the pool with us on previous occasions and didn't think anything of it. But boy have they got us good - we don't dare go out into the back yard for fear of being swarmed or at least stung. So no pool fun for us today.

They appear to have used a knothole in the beam in the overhang of our back patio - right over where we barbeque and sit outside to eat, and not four yards from the pool.

I called the exterminator this morning. He was scheduled to make his bi-monthly visit tomorrow so I told them about the wasps so they'd be prepared to deal with them.

We're finding the insect life here different from what we're used to in Edmonton, but I guess wasps are everywhere. It'll be nice when they're gone tomorrow and we can use the pool again.

I'd really hate to see this little face covered in wasp bites.

We're only here until Saturday and then probably won't be back until the fall. I want to get my fill of pool time while we're here.

Dratted pesky wasps!


Mary said...

Nice to have someone else get rid of them for you. Greg took on a wasps nest with a spray bottle and a rag. Spray then swat, spray then swat. He eventually got rid of the whole nest without getting stung once. I guess he missed his calling!

Pat MacK said...

What was in the spray bottle Mary?

sara said...

the picture doesn't do it justice....swarms with hundreds of wasps. it was hard to convince the kids to run past it to get back in the house.

Mary said...

Just water. He sprayed them to get them down closer so he could swat them with his rag. I watched from behind the screen door telling him he was insane.

Mike said...

You're in Arizona again?

Mickey said...

Oh I watched an exterminator show on Sunday and they sprayed a gel into their nest and it sucked all the moisture from their bodies right away and they just dropped from the nest. Hope they are quickly successful so you can get back into the pool! Good thing you are there to deal with it!

JQ said...

Love the story about Greg. You'd have to be an athlete/dedicated naturalist to attempt that. We got rid of ours with a $9 can of Raid.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Hopefully it takes care of them the first round. Not fun. And to be missing out on your AZ pool time is not good!! :(