Saturday, June 6, 2009

If you've been following DD Sara's blog and her daughter Charlie's blog, you'll know that they've recently introduced a new member to their family - a sweet little grey kitten. You probably also know that they named the kitten Mickey after my friend Mickey, who they've come to know pretty well this past year.

I decided I needed to post a picture of the two Mickey's together - as Max says "Mickey 1 is human and Mickey 2 is a cat". The picture is kind of blurry, but you get the idea.

Then they all wanted to have their picture taken with the kitten, except Elly, but I got a picture of her with it the previous day.

Mickey 2 is a very trusting animal - she isn't afraid of the kid and lets them pet her and love to be around the family. She was born at the end of March so she's still very young.

Max is still a bit unsure about the correct way to hold a squirming kitten so he tend to hang on tight. Sydney and Kenzie had come over to play with their cousins and were totally captivated by the cat.

Charlie is completely in love with her new pet.

Kenzie wants one too and I suspect that before the summer's over there'll be a new animal at their house - her mother, Amy, wants a St. Bernard puppy! Holy slobber Batman!

Here's me with the three granddaughters. Sydney finally got to hold Mickey 2 but the kitten is out of the picture at the bottom.

And finally, here's a very short video of the little furball playing.


Mary said...

I'm glad the kids have a cat that will play and interact with them, no offense to Whitey. And is it just me or does Syd look like me as a kid in the picture of you with all the girls.

Pat MacK said...

Yes she does. I hadn't noticed before. Lucky Syd!

sara said...

Do you like the name Mickey, Grammie?
Love Charlie

sara said...

the kids look cute in those pics

Mickey said...

Great pics. Sorry I didn't get Mickey in the pic with Sydney holding her.

Amy said...

She's the most popular kitty around! And, yes, Syd definitely bears a resemblance to Mary and me.

Kath said...

What a cute kitten!!! The best pet in the world if you ask me.

I was to get a fluffy white kitten this week but decided not to as I will be gone more than I thought this summer. He was to keep me company while the kids are away so I was going to name him Kid. Now the kids are disappointed I didnt take Kid.

Debbie Y. said...

Mickey looks so cute. I like the white paw. Elly is getting so big and Charlie looks all moonie over her kitty.

Aleta said...

Awwww, that's enough to make me want to get another cat -- must not look at pictures -- must not look at pictures. Hehe.

Love the picture of Charlie and the cat looking forward - great shot!