Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun With the Woolf Pack

We spent time in the back yard yesterday playing with our Woolf grandchildren. It was a fun time.

Kenzie, Me, Sydney

Lloyd, Kenzie and Aidan

Aidan and his Grammie

Kenzie and Syd love their Papa

Syd tried to teach Papa some moves on the trampoline. He made me promise not to post the video I took of him.


sara said...

i bet the kids loved that!

Mary said...

Nice photos, you look so proud in the one of you and the girls.

Amy said...

I had no idea this happened. I must have been at work, eh? Looks like everyone had fun. Was Curtis aware that you guys were outside with them?

Emily said...

great photos mum! is that curtis hiding behind a tree in the last one or just some weirdo?