Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm Back

Just a quick post - it's late tonight. Lloyd and I have been down in Lethbridge working on our retirement home. We've decided not to rent it out so are setting it up so that we can stay here whenever we come down. We've moved my dining room set out of the garage and into the house where it looks really nice. We've got a couple of beds here and a couple of comfortable chairs in the sun room. We don't want to buy a lot of furniture and 'stuff' for it because the furniture and stuff we're using in our Edmonton home will be coming down here when Lloyd retires in a couple of years.

We decided to use our cell phones down here instead of getting a land line, but we finally, on Thursday, got our cable and internet services installed. So I was off-line for a week and wasn't able to keep up with my blog.

Lloyd and I are having such a great time down here on our own. We're going to love retirement when it happens. We've spent hours talking and working together. Lloyd golfed once so far and while he was doing that I did a bit of scrapbooking, but mostly we're just hanging out together and having a great time.

We've also spent time with Mike, Avril and the little grandsons. Emily and Allan stopped by last night on their way to Edmonton from visiting Mary and Greg in BC. They spent the night with us and this morning we all went to the Japanese Gardens here in Lethbridge.

I'll try to keep up to date here from now on.


Mary said...

No photos? I'd like to see some of your house!

Mickey said...

Pics on Facebook look lovely!

sara said...

looks like fun

Amy said...

Wish we could have stopped by while we were down there. Judy and Ron made sure we knew they did not approve of us going to Lethbridge -- they had the entire weekend planned for us.