Monday, July 20, 2009

Lilies and Puttering

My back yard has been thoughtfully planted with perennials. I missed the large patch of purple irises earlier in the spring but they have been replaced with beautiful lilies...four shades of them.

At least, I think they're all lilies. Aren't they beautiful!

I don't have an overabundance of counter space in my fairly large kitchen so we bought a kitchen trolley which I spent the morning putting together. It will sit along an empty wall alongside the portable dishwasher which will be delivered on Friday, thus giving me some additional work space.

I did all the assembling myself. Lloyd can't stand to read instructions so usually isn't too good at putting things together. It was challenging to do it on my own but it sure felt good to get it done!

While I was putting the trolley together, Lloyd was outside trimming the beautiful, huge blue spruce in our back yard. His main goal was to remove the lower branches so it would be clear under the tree and two feet up the trunk of the tree. It was a hard job, using just clippers. When he was just about finished we decided he needed a chain saw to finish the job, and to tackle the two blue spruces in the front yard, so he just cleared up the debris and we went to Canadian Tire and got the chain saw. He'll finish the chore tomorrow.

We have a whole list of projects to do during these two weeks, and have accomplished a lot of them. We manage to do two or three a day, taking lots of breaks, going shopping, resting and relaxing, etc. It's nice not to have schedules and deadlines for awhile.


sara said...

i HATE putting things together.
HATE. It looks nice.

Mickey said...

Love those gorgeous colours in your Lily perennial garden!

JQ said...

When I got there last week the lilies were hard to see through the quack-grass. Great pictures. What's he going to put under the spruces?

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Beautiful lillies! Mine are really pretty this year too!

You are one handy lady to put together such a cute cart!

Your hubs chose to hang out under some very pokey trees rather than read some complicated directions? Good for YOU tho!!! lol Bet he was glad when that job was done.

Debbie Y. said...

Love the lilies. I like to take pictures of flowers. Yours are beautiful. Cute pic of hubby under the blue spruce.

I hate putting things together. I was told the instructions are always written in Japanese and then translated to English. It loses a lot in translation. I usually put things together by looking at the picture on the front of the box. There always seems to be parts left over when I am through, LOL Just joking.

Mary said...

Nice work Mom. I never knew you to be the handy type.

Pat MacK said...

Mary, where do you think Mike gets his talent? I just choose to let others do it.

JQ, thanks for getting rid of the quack-grass. We're not putting anything under the blue spruce. Just wanted to clear it out a bit.

Amy said...

Lilies look great!