Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kids, Grandkids and Dog

It's been a good day here in Osoyoos/Oliver. Lloyd and I spent the morning exploring, taking pictures of scenery and fruit on trees, which I'll post another time. Today was about spending time with Mary, Greg and the kids.

Lloyd, Mary and Greg went golfing this afternoon while I stayed home with Layla and Baron. We all had an enjoyable time. Mary took pictures of the golfing and will publish them on her blog in the next day or so. Following are random shots of the family.

Greg barbequed ribs for dinner and after Baron had gnawed all the meat he could from the bones, he wanted to share with Chester.

Here Baron is working on the ribs under the watchful eye of his Papa.

He even fed Chester some potato salad.

Lloyd and I with Layla and Baron.

Greg cooking dinner for us. Those grilled tomatoes with cheese on them are sooooo good.

Mary, Layla and Baron. Layla was taking pictures of me taking pictures of them.

Chester is so patient and gentle with the kids. Baron is all over him, just as Layla was when she was a baby.

Layla - 5 years old

Baron - 1 year old

Layla keeps a close eye on her baby brother and likes to blow on his belly when the chance presents itself.

Before we came to visit them, Layla told us that she wanted to show us what she wanted out of the Sear's Wish Book. It's her favorite book and both Lloyd and I had to sit with her at different times and go through the whole book. She had circled everything she wanted. I've never seen such a marked up wish book in my life!

Already Baron is following in his father's footsteps by developing an interest in basketball. He does his own version of dribbling, catching and shooting the ball. So cute.

Tomorrow morning the family is coming to the resort to join us in some pool fun - Layla loves the water slide here - then we'll go to Okanagan Falls to watch Mary and Greg jump off the bridge. And then it'll be time for us to leave. We're really enjoying our stay here.


JQ said...

You've never seen a more marked up catalogue? Are you kidding me?

Mary said...

Layla tells people (and believes it herself) that this house is going to have so many toys that we will have to move into a different house to live and this one will just be the playhouse. I've got to win the lottery and fast!

sara said...

they're getting so big