Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project Completed

The reason we came to Lethbridge this weekend was to get the patio extension built. Rob joined us here and did an amazing job of laying the patio and levelling the stones. It was a heavy, hard job but we're very pleased with the result. Now we can put the patio furniture on it instead of on the grass, and the barbeque remains on it's portion of the original patio.

After using the sod cutter to lift the grass, laying landscape fabric and dumping wheelbarrows full of gravel in place, Lloyd raked it as level as he could.

Rob very meticulously maneuvered each 18" square into place, making sure each one was level. They all fit so tightly that there is absolutely no movement on the patio. It took all day yesterday and a couple hours this morning to get it completed.

I had the most difficult job of keeping the working men hydrated. That limeade sure was delicious. They went through a lot of bottles of water too.

And this morning we were able to enjoy the results of their labor by having breakfast from Tim Hortons on our new patio. Good job guys.


Mickey said...

It does look great! So nice to have the help! Limeade looks good too! Enjoy the rest of your day. Nice to chat a little this am.

sara said...

what a good son. no wonder he's your favourite. :-P

Mary said...

Looks good! See ya in a few days!