Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Ultimate Look Alike

They say that if you live with a person long enough you'll eventually look alike. Well, Lloyd and I have been married for 38.5 years - is that long enough to qualify?

I'm thinking 'not really' but I like to think that we look like we belong together.

Lloyd got home from High Level today about half an hour before I got home from the hair salon where I had my grey wiped out and ends trimmed. He insisted on getting my camera and taking some pictures of me but I told him he'd have to take pictures of us together. So these are his first attempts at taking a self-portrait. Actually I guess I'm taking the one above, but he took the others.

I think this is the best, although my mouth is open.
I've been thinking of doing a scrapbook layout called "Us At 60" and might use one of these pictures as the focal point. Unless of course a professional photographer in the family volunteers to take an 'official' portrait of us....hint, hint. And yes, I realize that neither one of us is 60. But if you take our real ages (59 and 61) and average them, together we are 60.


Mary said...

Your hair looks great!

Mary said...

But you two do not look like one another, aside from the matching attire.

Emtron said...

you two remain the cutest couple I've ever known

sara said...

did you dress in the same colour on purpose or is that just a symptom of your minds melding?

Debbie Y. said...

Yes, you belong together and there is somewhat of a look-a-like, but I think you will have to live together another 38.5 years to get it just right, don't ya think?