Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Day of Summer

Tomorrow the kids go back to school. My granddaughters Kenzie (6) and Charlie (5) spent today together hanging out, although Kenzie actually started homeschooling in grade 2 with her Mom, Amy, this morning. She's looking forward to being home with her Mom and siblings all day while 'going to school'.

Charlie, on the other hand, is entering grade 1 at the local elementary school tomorrow. Last year she attended kindergarten in the afternoons. This year it's schooling full days. She's a bit nervous about what's ahead for her, who will be in her class, if her friends from kindergarten will remember her, etc. She's a bit anxious but I'm sure everything will go well. I hope so anyway.

They spent part of the day sprawled on the chaise lounge watching movies (Hoodwinked, Hannah Montana).

Then this afternoon they gathered up a stack of books, took them out to the back deck, and read for an hour or so.

Meanwhile, 4-year old Max got on the computer and played some very serious games. He spent last year in pre-school and will be in Kindergarten half days this year, with the same great teacher Charlie had last year.
And then there's Elly. Although she doesn't realize it yet, she's in for changes in her life this year. With both siblings spending so much time in school, she'll have lots of one-on-one time with her Grammie. Should be interesting for both of us.

She enjoyed picking dandelion seeds this afternoon and blowing them.

And pulling the petals off the last roses of the season.


sara said...

bah! don't show quincey!

Pat MacK said...

Sara I'm assuming you're referring to Elly taking the petals off the roses!

Mickey said...

Cute pics Pat!
Hope Charlie and Max have a wonderful first day of school tomorrow.

Kath said...

Wish them all the best school year ever! And to the homeschooling mom too!

Its going to be a change for you too with only one lil one all day!

If you ever go thru SD or WY email me and we will try to meet up!!! I would love to meet you!!! hudsonfurn@alliancecom.net