Tuesday, September 29, 2009

They Call Him Papa

After we finished raising our seven kids, Lloyd and I discovered the joys of grandchildren. It's such a rewarding feeling interacting with your babies' babies...spoiling them, playing with them, teaching them, and then giving them back to their parents. We both love the little critters and over the years Lloyd has become a loving and involved Papa to the 17 we have so far.

This is Baron, #17 in the line-up.

Lloyd likes exploring the world with them (Kenny)

He sits and plays games with them (Brooklyn)

He jumps and plays with them (Sydney)

And plays in their back yards with them (Anson)

He teaches them to play golf so that he'll have partners in his old age (Layla, Nathan)

Sometimes he just sits and relaxes with them (James and Micah)

Other times he lays down and relaxes with them (Micah)

and they climb over him (Kenzie and Brooklyn)

He goes climbing with them at Writing On Stone Park in Alberta (Nathan, Jonah and Sam)

And at White Tank Mountain in Arizona (Charlie and Max)

And sometimes he has to carry one of them down a mountain (Elly)

He listens to them while they go through the Christmas Wish Catalogue (Layla)

Eating with them is always fun too (Sam, Jonah, Nathan, Micah)

But most of all he just loves them and they love him back. I hope they all realize what a great man their Papa is and how much he loves them.

My apologies to Aidan and Alex not being able to find pictures of them with their Papa.


Mike said...

Alex says all is forgiven.

Kath said...

What a sweet post about "grandpa".

Mary said...

Aw, nice post, wish we could all give Papa Bear a big hug right now! But you know what they say...behind every great man...

nozomi said...

This was so sweet...I have three kids and feel so busy..I don't know how you did it :) Looks like a happy family! Very heart warming to read :)


Amy said...

The girls loved this blog. I guess this means we need to take a pic of Aidan and Papa soon.