Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lloyd

What does a 60-year old man do to celebrate his birthday? I don't know about other men, but Lloyd and I spent a lovely day hanging out together. We went out for an early lunch and then spent a couple hours shopping. We ended up with a nice collection of birthday presents for him.

At 4:00 the family (the 21 local ones anyway) met at Lloyd's favorite buffet restaurant where I had reserved a party room for us. This way the kids could run and play without bothering any of the other restaurant patrons. After everyone was fed, Lloyd opened gifts from the kids.

Every 60-year old needs a lava lamp so we can relive the hippie aspect of our late teens - the 1960s were such a great time to be alive!

It's always nice to get a calendar filled with pictures of the family (and a schedule of the Oilers hockey games!)

Although the Winnipeg Jets no longer exist as an NHL team (they were moved south and are now the Phoenix Coyotes) Rob was able to find a Jersey like they used to wear. He was also given an Oilers t-shirt and an Edmonton Eskimos CFL football jersey.

Then back to the house for cake and more gifts.

I had prepared a "How Well Do You Know Lloyd MacKenzie" 20-question quiz for our adult kids and in-laws to work on...each one had a copy, but some of the couples opted to work together on them.

Amy and Curtis completed separate quizzes together, but the winner was our oldest daughter, Jenny, who correctly answered 13 of the 20 questions. The next runner-up only had 8 correct. Either I made the quiz too hard, or the kids didn't listen all those years when their dad talked about his childhood.
Then to end the day, the men sat around our television and watched the Oilers lose badly to their worse rivals, the Calgary Flames...but even that didn't diminish the good day we had. Happy Birthday Lloyd.


Mickey said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all! Your quiz sounds like a wonderful idea! Have to try it sometime! Did Lloyd like his watch?

Mary said...

Wish we all could have been there.

Emily said...

that quiz was VERY hard. dad never told me all that about his childhood.

JQ said...

He must have felt like he'd told those stories A LOT by the time you came along. Did you get the Taxis River ghost stories, Em? If not, demand them.

wendy said...

Yeah Winnipeg!!!

Happy birthday Lloyd.

Brenna said...

Sounds like a great birthday, esp the part where the Flames won, woohoo!