Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Own Supplier

The tradition lives on. Fifty years ago I sold my first box of Girl Guide (Canada's version of Girl Scouts) cookies. It was very simple back then...we each got a carton of cookies and went door to door with a partner in our uniforms to sell them. I did this for the three years I was in Guides, including the year we lived in Germany when I was 12. We didn't have any official cookies so the pack mothers baked hundreds of them, put them in bags and gave them to us to sell. Now I look forward to cookie season and never pass up an opportunity to buy them.

Last night my oldest granddaughter, 6-year old Kenzie, who just joined Brownies a couple of weeks ago, came over to sell us some Girl Guide cookies

I bought two boxes, and will undoubtedly buy more as long as I have granddaughters who are selling them. Thanks Kenzie.


Mary said...

Kenzie's in Brownies? That's awesome! I still have my little brown Brownie dress with my sash and Pixie pin. Is that what they wear now? An orange t-shirt? That's much more practical I guess.

wendy said...

Weren't we in Girl Guides together? I remember selling boxes of cookies in Oromocto - either all vanilla or all chocolate. The chocolate ones were much more popular - probably why the boxes are half and half now.

sara said...

wow, the uniforms have really changed!
How come Amy, Jenny and Mary were in Brownies, but I wasn't??

Emily said...

I wasn't in brownies either Sara, and I begged. But more importantly, mum, are they the sandwich cookies or the mint wafer ones?

Mike said...

They were the mint wafer ones.

JQ said...

"We're the fairies,
Glad and gay,
Helping others,

That was my six's theme song. I totally rocked that brown dress with the sweatpants under it when it was -40 in Prince Albert.

I think I'm on the sap-list for cookie sales in our neighbourhood. They come here pretty much weekly.

Kath said...

This year was the first time in many years that I was asked to buy cookies. Of course I didnt pass it up!!!

Are they the same cookies as the Girl Scouts ones here?

Amy said...

Jenn, they've gotten rid of the fairies and the elves (I was an elf). Kenzie is a nymph (and Curtis is hoping that's not a sign of things to come). The uniforms are much more practical now. Emily, they're the chocolate mint ones right now. We're all out right now -- I'll ask for another carton when she goes to Brownies next week.

Emily said...

yes please, set one aside for auntie em