Monday, November 9, 2009

Swimming Season???

We received an ad here in Arizona that began by saying "Now that swimming season is over..." What are they talking about? Sure, it's November, but the temperature is in the high 20s-low 30s (that's in the 80s for you Farenheit people). That spells swimming season to me...if it's so hot out that you break into a sweat walking across the street, it's hot enough to jump in the pool! Just ask these people.


We have friends down here, native Zonies, who think we're crazy for swimming when we come down here in the winter..."you just don't swim in the winter". Again, to my way of thinking, you decide whether or not to go swimming by how hot it is outside. Of course, it helps if you have a heated pool!

We'll continue to swim in the afternoon and again in the evening as long as we're here. We may be the only people in Arizona in November having fun!!!


Kath said...

Swim away!!! Im with ya if its hot enough to break a sweat then its swim weather.

What do those native Zonies know about "winter" anyways?? They have never had a frozen backside before! LOL LOL

Mary said...

Looks like fun times down there.

sara said...

i'm shocked she let you post that..not that she doesn't look cute as a button

Emtron said...

that's an awesome photo of you and Jen, but Sam and Joe look like they've got better things to do

Mickey said...

It sure seems hot enough to swim! And we even swam when the water temp was only 75! VERY refreshing!

JQ said...

Em, they don't. Every time we're away from the house for more than a couple hours they get homesick for it. They're like tourists who never want to leave the "resort."