Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wrap-Up and Review

All good things come to an end and that's what we're facing today - the end of a lovely holiday. Our last day is always spent (partly anyhow) in clean-up and shut-down activities. So far, and it's not yet noon, we've vacuumed all the carpets, washed all the tile floors, packed just about everything (including the extra large suitcase we bought to carry all our Christmas purchases), changed the beds, and completed two loads of laundry with another one chugging away. We just have the kitchen and bathrooms (3) to clean. Then we'll relax. It's worth it though for the enjoyment of the past week.

Here's a brief summary:

We discovered the joys of underwater photography

We admired Clyde's ripening tangerine and orange trees

We enjoyed night (and daytime) swimming

We introduced Jenny and the boys to the beauty of Campe Verde and Jerome

We all enjoyed the pool - at least twice a day - in spite of the native Arizonans rule that you don't swim in the winter!

We climbed the waterfall trail at White Tank Mountain

and admired the crop circles from the plane as we flew down here. Montana/Idaho I think.

And now back to the hated job of cleaning. We'll be home tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Have really enjoyed your blog and photos as usual Pat! Safe trip home tomorrow.

Mickey said...

Oh that was me Pat!

Mary said...

Cool crop circles!

JQ said...

The kids commented on the circles too. Hooray for irrigation pivots.