Monday, December 14, 2009

How Cold Is It???

Edmonton, Alberta, has lots to brag about...our beautiful river valley, our music, heritage and arts festivals all summer, our world-class university, and much much more (not to mention being the home of most of our family ;))

However, this past weekend we gained more bragging rights...check this out. For those still on the Fahrenheit temperature scale, keep in mind that 40 below zero F is the same as 40 below zero C.

Second only to a city in Siberia, Edmonton was the coldest place in North America. I feel so proud...NOT. Luckily, I stayed inside all weekend, not venturing out from Friday night till this morning when I went to work. It was 'only' minus 32 C this morning....still bitterly cold. But, hey, we chose to live in Edmonton so we tough up and take the good with the bad. Luckily by Wednesday we'll warm up to minus 6C.

Needless to say, Arizona is looking pretty good right now.


Mickey said...

Stayed in as well & RELAXED as it's been a busy 3 wks of stress & tension. Even got some wrapping done. DH & I remember walking to school, which was quite a distance, in temps similar to this in No. Ont.

Kath said...

What ever are you doing in Canada when ya could be in Arizona?? Silly how life's duties get in the way of fun and comfort!

I feel for ya that ya cant be there. :(

That is just plain crazy cold! Brrrr. Brrrr. Brrrr.