Sunday, February 14, 2010

He Can Do It Too!

Lloyd has lived with a scrapbooker long enough now that some of it has rubbed off on him. He looks through our pictures and suggests themes and ideas for layouts. He came across a picture of me in the train station as I was moving, all by myself, from Halifax NS to Edmonton. I didn't think the picture was scrap-worthy but Lloyd saw in it a pivotal moment in my life - a decision made that brought us together and started us on our life together. So I scrapped it and he loves it.

Then yesterday he decided that he wanted to make a Valentine's card for me. So I gave him a blank card and showed him where my 'stuff' was (actually it's out in the open here but he needed to be introduced to certain aspects of it). And he was off - I wasn't allowed to peek at what he was doing. He went through the pictures on the computer, sized and printed them, and after a couple of hours at my work table he declared himself finished. He was so pleased with his first attempt that he suggested we exchange cards right away. So we did - I had made him one too and a mini-album to go with it.

I love his card. It made me cry - not just because it was beautiful, but because he loves me enough to take the time and effort to make me something that acknowledges that love and his support of me in my scrapbooking efforts. I'll treasure it (and him) forever.

The Front

The Inside


Mary said...

I love that. Good work Dad!

M said...

...and then you woke up. :P

JQ said...

Back again (typoed an M as my name by mistake last time) -- still can't believe he scrapped! That's love.

Mickey said...

Awe! So sweet of him! My DH has offered lots of advice and ideas but has NEVER done that! (attempted actually scrap!!)

Mickey said...

Oh and your layout is gorgeous! Love the colours and swirls and flowers all matching the colours in the beautiful photograph!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!