Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Babies With Babies

I love little girls playing with baby dolls - not the Barbies that they all have - but real baby dolls. Our Elly is just such a little girl - she loves her baby dolls and has lots of them. At nap time she chooses the lucky ones to take to bed with her.

Today she found an empty laundry basket and decided it would make a good bed for her baby-of-the-day. She also found four of her 'gings' (receiving blankets that she clings to at bedtime). She spread one of the blankets on the bottom of the basket, put her baby on it then lifted the baby's head up very carefully and put another one in for a pillow. Then she put the other blankets over the baby, leaned in and kissed her, then started singing in her little two-year old toddler voice "go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little baby". It was adorable.

You can tell how a little girl is cared for by the way she cares for her own babies.

She's actually sitting on her baby here.

And a mother/daughter portrait

She comes by it honestly...this is Elly's mom, Sara, with her baby doll.

And this is the real live baby girl that Elly will be able to play with this summer.


sara said...

You said:
"You can tell how a little girl is cared for by the way she cares for her own babies."
And then you immediately said:
"She's actually sitting on her baby here."
What does this say about me?? ;-)

Mickey said...

Such sweet photos of Elly! Great glimpse of Quinn too!

Kath said...


We were shown ultrasound pics this weekend so I will be a grandma in the fall! :)

Mickey said...

Thinking while looking closely at that fascinating ultrasound photo that she looks like Charlie!!!